You clicked on ‚About Me‘ button, so I assume, you want to know something about me.

  • If it’s the CV, with all the facts, you are looking for, you can download it here.
  • If you want to talk or meet, you can call me on this number. +436802201601
  • Maybe you clicked on that button to have a short cut of my life. Here you are: I was born and raised in Graz/Austria. I have always been interested in telling stories over film, photography, design etc. So I went to Academy of Photography in Graz and the College of Communication- and Media-design in Krieglach. Then I moved to Salzburg to become a filmmaker and designer. I graduated 2012 from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Design, focused on film, photography, design, web, 3D and muisc. While I worked with various media during the last 7 years, my main interest developed towards film, photography and design. I am currently studying film science in Vienna/Austria and will graduate 2015 with a Master’s degree in Arts.

My Skills

Film                                                                                       100
Kamera                                                                               100
Editing                                                                                 100
Producing                                                                          100
Director/ 1. AD / Set Manager / Script                80
Photography                                             100
Graphic Design                                        100
Web Design                                                 60
HTML/CSS                                                   55
WordPress                                                   70